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Pegasus Plasterboard

  "Pegasus" plasterboard is made of gypsum plaster reinforced with strands of fibreglass evenly distributed throughout which provide superb in-built strength.  

Product Specification

1220mm x 1830mm
8mm / 9mm / 12mm
Normal & Moisture Resistance
Technical Data / Product "Pegasus" Fibrous Plasterboard "Pegasus" Moisture Fibrous Plasterboard
Fire Propagation
( BS476: Part 6 )
Fire Propagation Index 1.2 Fire Propagation Index 1.2
Surface Spread of Flame
( BS476: Part 7 )
Class One Class One
Bulk Density 897kg / m3 987kg / m3
Water Absorption
( BS1230: Part 1 )
- 2.40%
Surface Water Resistance
( BS1230: Part 1)
- 6g / m3
Insect Attack Highly Resistant Highly Resistant
Fungal Attack Highly Resistant Highly Resistant

Access Panel

Access Panel gives easy access to mechanical, electrical and engineering fixtures above the ceiling.

Product Specification

300mm x 300mm, 450mm x  450mm,
600mm x 600mm
Normal & Aluminium
  • Easy installation with common trowel tools
  • Rigid Aluminium framing
  • Great for Mechanical Access, HVAC Access, Fan Coil Access, and Electrical Access


L-Box is designed mainly for holding lights without exposing wiring, to give a wire-free and elegant design. L-box improves on the attractiveness of any interior space

Product Specification

2 x 6 inches
3 x 6 inches
4 x 6 inches
4 x 8 inches
4 x 12 inches
6 x 8 inches
6 x 12 inches
6 x 18 inches
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