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Metal Divison


Ceiling Batten

Ceiling Batten is function as a lightweight and sturdy ceiling framing system and is ideal for application of plasterboards and gypsum boards

U Channel

U-Channel is used as top and bottom runners to secure wall studs / partition. It is also used as end support closures for joists at exterior wall.

Other Product


Fibreglass Roving

Fibreglass roving is generally made up of strong manufacture plaster boards. It provides a durable, Scratch resistant surface, easy to clean panel and provides superior moisture resistance.
  • Durable sheen 
  • High strength
  • Tear & wear resistance
  • Glossy finish
  • Excellent texture
Packaging : 20kg
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Richwise Group Services
  • Manufacturing of Gypsum Casting Poweder.
  • Manufacturing of Fibrous Ceiling Products.
  • Manufacturing of Interior Wall Finished Products
  • Manufacturing of Customised Plaster Products.
  • Manufacturing & Supply of Mould.
  • Technical Advisory for Production of plaster Products.